How to contribute

We really appreciate any form of your support. Especially regular contributions of any amount help us to create stable finantial plans for our projects.
Thank you!

Direct transfer to following bank account

Bank account: 222 444 555/0300 (ČSOB)

Account name: CLOVEK V TISNI, O. P. S.

Address: Safarikova 24, 120 00 Praha 2, Czech republic

IBAN: CZ92 0300 0000 0002 2244 4555

bic/swift: CEKOCZPP

Bank: CSOB, a.s. (Ceskoslovenska obchodni banka, a.s.)

Bank adress:Na Porici 24, 115 00 Praha 1, Czech republic

Run for Africa

Run for Africa is organized by students and their teachers at several schools. Join your school!


You may also contribute by sending a Donors Message Service (DMS) text message with the text: DMS AFRIKA 90 to phone number 87777.

Single DMS

Send DMS AFRIKA 30 or DMS AFRIKA 60 or
DMS AFRIKA 90 to tel. number 87777.

DMS repeatedly each month

Send DMS TRV AFRIKA 30 or DMS TRV AFRIKA 60 or DMS TRV AFRIKA 90 to tel. number 87777.

You can cancel the service by sending text "STOP AFRIKA"

The DMS message costs 30, 60 or 90 CZK, whereas 29, 59 or 89 CZK of the total cost of the message will be assigned to the project´s fundraising account. You can find more infomation on how DMS work at

You may donate directly to the boy and girl scouts

You can contibute on the streets to the scout's moneyboxes during the collecting week in October every year.