How we use your donations

Almost every second child in Ethiopia does not attend school. This is often just because there is no school within reach. Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world with the illiteracy rate up to 60 %. People in need builds schools and trains local teachers in order to help people get out of the vicious circle of poverty. We build at least one school in Ethiopia every year! Have a look at the one we are working on right now.

Join us! Do not put off your decision.

Look what can be acquired for your contribution…

Building components

Buildings are constructed from bricks, 2 € each.

1 building block 2 €
1 cement sack 7 €
1 window in a classroom (83x150cm) 54 €
Library for one classroom 90 €
4 latrines 5 460 €
Building foundations of the school 8 375 €
Rooftop 8 850 €
Entire school building with sanitary facilities 69 180 €

School supplies

Pupils also need proper equipment that most of them cannot afford.

Notebook, 40 pages 0,3 €
Blackboard sponge 1 €
Textbook 1 - 2 €
Blackboard 30 €
School desk 38 €
I want to help

People in Need has good background in Ethiopia. We work with local experts (including mechanical engineers), have valid registration and other essentials for development of the project. Thanks to this, overhead costs were decreased as much as possible, and we are able to provide the maximum amount of help where it is necessary.

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