Meja 2015


Ten year after opening the first school from public appeal „Let´s build school in Africa“, we opened on 12. October 17th school in the village Meja, close Halaba.

New school was built in the area of old school, which was in terrible conditions and there was a great concern that childern will have no school. And also old school had small capacity, so in Meja and neighbourhood with 5000 people, one of three kids couldn´t go to school. And finally, old school had only 7 grades and childern couldn´t continue in study, because another school was 2,5 kilometers far and has also low capacity.

New building is equiped with blackboards, desks and big windows which makes classrooms bright and cozy. Teachers can use lot of supplies and schoolbooks. And finally it doesn´t lack new toilets and water tank for catching rain water.

Everyone in the village noticed the new school building. But it´s not the only change in the education. From the public appeal new schoolbooks and supplies were purchased too. Perhaps the biggest change will the students feel in the style of teaching. People in Need has been working long term with teachers showing them modern teaching methods. That´s why students are learning to cooperate, sharing experiences and are not afraid to actively participate in the lesson.

Great thanks, not only from Meja, to the donors who contributed into the public appeal „Let´s build the school in Africa“. And also thanks to the students of more than 20 Czech schools, who helped with their performances by the“ Run for Africa“ event. Thank you!

main foto: © Tereza Hronová, fotogalery: © archive PIN, Tereza Hronová a Jan Horák