Sorge 2015


The 16th scholl built from the collection is located in a little village named Sorge, 32 km away from Hawassa. School was opened on January 15th 2015 after half a year of intensive construction works. During the construction the local community was keen to help.

Hundred children in a classroom

There had been already existing school buildings before PIN started with the construction works. They were build by local community without any help nor assistance from local officials. The materials used were basically mud, stones and timber.

Until now, it was the only available school in the entire area, with all 8 grades of elementary school. Therefore there was a huge pressure from the ever increasing number of students. Now Sorge accomodates 1200–1500 children from the village and surroundings. This was simply too much – classrooms were over-crowded with sometimes over 100 children in a single room. Therefore teachers had to take two shifts (morning and evening) to be able to teach all kids.

Because of the intensive usage, school was gradually deteoriating. Basic equipment was missing, during classes children often sat on the ground. Sorge lacked appropriate access to water and sanitation, with running water being non-existent. The closest water point is 8km away. Moreover, some of the teachers had to commute long distances and the school did not have any room for them to rest.

School books – the gift for children

This has changed with the new building. Its concrete construction is durable and resistant to the influence of weather. Four new classrooms accomodate at least 200–250 students, teachers have their own room to rest and to prepare for classes. PIN have also built a rainwater catchment system (including 2 water tanks with capacity of 20 000l) and a new latrines which both will positively influence the level of hygiene at the school.

Thanks to we have equiped the school also with school books for the classes of math, chemistry, physics or social science. For the kids it was a wonderul gift as they are not used to this kind of books with pictures.

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N 07°24.772’ E 038°09.930’

Elevation= 1981 m.n.m