Asore 2005


School in Asore was our very first school. In autumn 2004, People in Need and the Czech Scouts organized the first "Let’s Build a School in Africa " campaign. Over 1,200,00.00 CZK was collected. The funds were used to repair an existing building in Asore, southern Ethiopia. We also built two new ones, each with four classrooms. All buildings were furnished and the entire project was handed over to local authorities in September 2005. 160 primary school students were admitted for the first year.

The area was selected based on criteria such as: the quantity of schools in the area, community cooperation, the willingness of local authorities, the allocation of land for school construction and the amount of money contributed. For the school in Asore, a 10 hectare plot of land was allocated. One hectare of land was allocated for school construction and the rest for agricultural activities in the school. The money the school earns from agricultural activities pays for clothes, stationary materials and books for the children. The school is 9 kilometers from Alaba Kulito, the nearest town.