Boricha 2007


The school is located in southern Ethiopia in the district of Boricha, an area with one of the highest student to teacher ratio, according to government statistics. The demand was four times higher thant the actual capacity of the school facilities. The local authorities thus decided that the school would teach in two shifts. School we built in Boricha accommodates 600 pupils.

One of the reasons why People in need chose to build school Boricha was the willingness of the local community to participate in the construction and operation of the school. Even older people expressed their joy at the fact that their children can now get a quality education. A 50 year old father, Mr Tesfaye, told a local newspaper that “We decided to send our three children to school. Before we didn’t send our children to school because we did not want them to walk so long way to go to school every day. I myself had the opportunity of education, but I am happy that it will also be for my children.”