Debre Sina 2012

Debre Sina

New school from the public collection was built in little town called Debre Sina located 150km north-eastern from Addis Abeba, the Ethiopian capital. The building stands in the already existing school compound serving the entire town of 20 000 inhabitants and its surrounding.

There was thus a huge demand that school simply could not handle. Even though morning and afternoon classes were introduced, there were usually 70 pupils in one classroom. That is simply too much – kids are not able to pay attention properly and teachers are unable to focus on individual needs of each student. Sometimes the classes even had to be called off.

Construction works went ahead in a fast pace. The community supported us by preparing a plot – chopped down the trees and cleared the area. Even parents of the future pupils gave us helping hand. They were alwas ready to help with manual works both on the construction and during transportation. Before the opening ceremony they prepared the building by cleaning windows or tidying classrooms.

Community also organized the entire opening ceremony that took place on September 28th, 2012.