Lante 2006


A primary school for 200 children was built in the village of Lante in Arba Minch town. Before, there was only one school in the area, with a completely inadequate capacity. Classes took place in three shifts; children learnt under trees, and the classrooms were over-crowded with more than one hundred children attending a single class. In the rainy season, water regularly flooded the school.

Lante is situated 18 kilometers north of Arba Minch town, the largest city in the area and is near two large Great Rift Valley lakes, Abaya and Chamo. Nearly 400 kilomteres from Addis Ababa, people here speak “goffina” language and are mostly Protestant Christian. Farmers grow excellent bananas (the school received a two hectare plantation from the community), which are harvested every three months. The area is affected by the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS and malaria is also a major problem.